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Style Destino is my personal style space bout cruelty-free and vegetarian style. Fashion is not above someone's life and it is irresponsible when someone makes a fashion choice that involves taking a poor animal's life. I believe in style that has a conscience. We are in 21st century where technology has advanced immensely, there are myriad options available and any person with a desire can make things happen. So it is sheer selfishness and irresponsible behaviour when people make unethical fashion choices. Through StyleDestino I share everything cruelty-free and ethical in my style. I do not use any handbags, shoes or accessories made from leather (animal skin), the make-up I use is also vegetarian and cruelty free. Luxury and compassion can coexist stylishly and Style Destino is an attempt to prove just that. Vegan fashion is not about dowdy clothes, cheap bags, or tawdry shoes. I can just easily be vegan and trot in my Olsen heels, sporting a Stella McCartney luxurious vegan handbag while showing off my red lips painted with OCC lip tar!! I travel the world around and never find dearth of stylish, high quality vegetarian fashion.


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You don't need a man to feel sexy.....

A good perfume makes you feel confident, sexy, ready to take on the world.

Here are some of the perfumes in my closet:

My love for perfume dates back when I was a kid and would quitely sneak in my dad's room and spritz his perfumes. In fact until first year of my university I never used anything but men's perfume (mostly), they were strong and pwerful and brash just a representation of me. ALmost made me feel one of the main characters of an Ayn Rand book. It was only when I moved to England for my studies that I actually got a free hand in picking perfumes for myself and choosing from the myriad options was a mind boggling but a fun exercise.

So much so that ..... over the next three years I amassed a sizeable collection of perfumes, picking them up mindlessly without remembering the count of how many I gathered (there was a time when I almost had over 50 bottles), wearing some everyday while some still saved in my perfume closet (just trying to sound like a brat, don't really have a 'perfume closet') for 'special occassions' or for the simple reason that the bottles are too pretty to get used to the idea of parting with them. Succumbed to the guilt of mindless hoarding, I really try hard not to get tempted by the new scents and first finish the sizeable collection that probably would keep me smelling wonderful for atleast two years without spending a dime on perfumes.

I'm sure you'll agree that purchasing a perfume is a really complicated task and the confusion over selection for the right smell aggravates when you are bombarded with so many different choices and that sniffing coffee bean trick.... am sure is just a marketing gimmick (it never worked on me). I have already gone through the pain loads of times, so here I would share with you a quick review of some perfumes from my collection (these perfumes' bottles are clicked in the picture posted above).

1. Hermes Eau des Merveilles (Eau De Parfum and Deodrant (top left)) - Unusual spicy and citrusy smell that can be easily passed as a unisex perfume as it does not have that feminine distinction to it. Very summer perfume. I read a lot of women raving about it and bought the perfume and deo together in a rush at a duty free. But it is not really my taste. Falls in the category of 'not bad' for me but could be a choice for someone who doesn't like floral or too feminine smells.

2. Boss Femme - This perfume was a gift from a friend and is quite nice. Floral with mild sweet citrus notes, Femme as the name suggests is a very feminine fragrance. It's not distinctive but nice, one of those items that you can never go wrong with like a 'safe bet'. Though it doesn't last all day, but long enough.

3. Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb - The name flowerbomb would indicate an overwhelmingly floral smell, but that is so not the case (I think because of the heavy notes of patchoulli sneaked-in in it). In fact when I first read about it I dismissed the perfume considering it would be in the line of Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise (I so not like it). But during my visit to England, Harrods had this perfume placed in its fitting rooms and I sniffed it a bit and was dangerously fascinated by the smell. It is sensuous and refreshing, and instantly cheers your mood.  It's floral but not too floral, it's sweet but not too sweet, it has the sophisticated edge to it that I find missing in most floral perfumes and a little whizz goes a long way. Full-bodied and robust, it's for headstrong gals with a soft side. Paradox - the smell is so great that I would want to wear it all day every day, but it is so special that you don't want to ruin it. One of my special wear perfume.

4. Chanel Coco - It's a perfume for a lady who is sexy yet elegant, and takes luxury for granted. That's how I feel when I wear it. I like it better than Chanel's No. 5. It has an intrigue about it like a secret love affair. It has elements of feminine and masculine blended emanating a sense of longing and magnetism that can't be pulled apart; seductive. Now I am beginning to sound like a romatic or maybe someone who's pulling out words from a typical romantic novel. So putting a full stop here. But yes I love this perfume and is something I wear on special occassions.

5. CK Euphoria - Spicy and rich comes to my mind whenever I spray this perfume. I bought it just when it was launched, during the perfume hoarding phase I was into. The bottle was what caught my attention and the smell was strong, which was what I pretty much wore in those days.

6. Chanel Allure - I got this perfume after reading the reviews of Allure being soft and feminine. But honestly I feel its otherwise. Its not one of my favourites and I use it just beacause I paid for it.

7. 212 Sexy Men - My love affair with men's perfume has not ended although I try to steer away from them. But this is something I couldn't resist buying. It's my perfume for one of those days when I am in a strongly no-nonsense mood (lol just kidding, I am not stereotyping men or women here).

8. Issey Miyake L'eau d'lssey - It smells so fresh, soft and happy. I would call it a sohpisticated aqua-based perfume with floral notes. Its not loud but strong enough, very feminine and delicately fresh. Its a classic day or summer scent.

9. Body Shop Passion Flower Perfume Oil - It was one of my first purchases. Gives a very nice spa-like feeling, but the con is doesn't stay too long. It's nice, but really not much to talk about. You'll like it, but you wouldn't be head-over-heels over it. Oil not a perfume, so need to just dab on key points.

10. Roberto Cavalli Serpentine - Rich, strong, exotic, sensuous, bold, sophisticated describes Serpentine. In fact I'd extend to say that Sepentine personifies Roberto Cavalli - exotic, sensual, bold and extravagant. It is "not your average bear" eau de parfum. The opening note is a bit strong but it starts smelling even better as the time goes by.

11. Chanel Chance (deodrant) - It's what I wear pretty much every day. This fruity-floral perfume smells young, modern, chic and fresher and has that sophisticated air about it. I've always loved this perfume as its not too strong yet gripping enough to last all day . What I love most is that Chance's deodrant comes in a natural spray, hence it gets an immediate 10 on 10 from me, deos in pressurised cans are always too harsh and does not suit my sensitive skin.

Among all the perfumes I know and own, Cavalli's Serpentine is my absolute favourite and a true love - it lingers and lingers, intoxicates me and as the day passes by it keeps coming on me in different ways. It's one of the most sexy scents I've ever worn.

Coco Chanel, Flower Bomb (mostly for evenings) and Issey Miyake's L'eau d'lssey (days) are my other favourites. For the summer afternoons, D&G's light blue is also a great pick, it is a fresh and happy fragrance. I've finished two bottles of this great perfume, considering eighty percent of 365 days of a year in Mumbai are 'summer days'. And that's not an exaggeration.

Well, although most of fragrances I have are good buys, but when someone mindlessly collects things out of addicition, a mis-step here and there is bound to open. So there were some perfumes that I bought because of their fancy schmancy packaging (like L'or de Torrente), some I picked randomly because I had no clue which one to pick after smelling thousands of them and some were purchased out of impulse.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren was one of the wrong choices. Well you can't blame me because when some beautifully packaged gift set in a delish blue colour screams at you 'buy me, buy me, I am the perfect piece to lighten up your wardrobe' you are bound to loose your sense of judgment. It has a fruity notes which actually smells like a detergent...(to be honest once I went to a class wearing this perfume and my neighbour asked me, did u just come from the laundry? It was appalling and I am sure no one would like to hear a comment like that). But hey, kudos to me as I actually finished this bottle - it became my socks and gym perfume!!!

I have heard a lot about Tom Ford's perfumes and had a quick sniff on it on one of the duty free when I was in hurry. It is next on my list, when I finish off these bottles (I will very soon, I have to because I don't have the heart to give these to someone).

Which is your favourite perfume? Would love to hear which one you like and the ones you don't.

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  1. thanks for your comments on my blog! :) you have a lovely blog as well. i'll definitely be posting more makeup looks in the near future, so check back! :)


  2. plz recommend me something spicy with citrus and cinnamon for men

  3. @Anonymous - Armani Acqua Di Gio is a great perfume. Lasts quite long and has a wonderful fragrance. Its fresh and sexy!! Considering it has lemon, it has the citrusy bit to it. Its a favourite and one of the best selling perfumes for men.

    Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Middle Note: Coriander, Marine Note, Freesia, Cyclamenr Base Note: Cedar, Patchouli, Moss, Musk.

    Armani Acqua Di Gio is one of the best men's perfumes that I encountered (I have bought over 60 perfume types for my dad and brother after trying and testing hundreds). Its not nauseating strong, but strong enough and has a fresh sexy fragrance that sure will get you compliments.

    Second option: Gucci Guilty is another good men's perfume which lasts long and is safe. Its nothing groundbreaking, but great smell with woody notes with a twist of sweetness. Guilty's TOP NOTES: lemon and lavendar; MIDDLE NOTES: orange flower; BASE NOTES: patchouli and cedar wood

  4. Have you ever had the fragrance of Jacues Bogart Silver Scent.. Its also very spicy, woody and long lasting

  5. I simply love you once upon a time i went crazy buying them..till the husband pointed out (politely ofcourse)that i really ought to stop...and finish off the current ones....

    and coincidently i did a post on my love for perfumes too..check out here -

  6. Hi ! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    Follow me and I'll follow you back ?

    My favorites EVER are L'Impératrice by Dolce & Gabbana and J'adore de Dior ! I'm wearing them all the time <3 If you didn't smell L'Impératrice yet, I suggest you try because it smells like heaven :)

  7. Oh ! I loved your post on enhances knowledge.. :)
    definitely will go through your old posts too ! :)

    i feel honoured to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. thanx!

    1. Hey Priyanka, thanks for the nomination :)

  9. Nice article, thanks for the information. You give me some idea's. I will bookmark for next reference.



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