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Starting with the classic - Black and White


There's absolutely nothing like the classic combination of black and white. It works magic and looks really pleasing.

It feels so nice when you see things as either black or white, with no grey areas. As a person I've always believed in not having grey areas. Grey areas usually create confusions and make your life complicated. Shouldn't life be simple?

It's so interesting how sometimes one thing leads to another and how the same thing can be interpreted in so many ways. Take for example black, white and grey. I just googled the term black, white and grey areas and found two very different arguments. One was close to what I said about having things as black and white to keep things simple. While other interpretation of black, white and grey was - one should not be staunch about their beliefs and not categorise everything as black and white. There is a need for some space for grey areas to explore life and leave room for change and be receptive to other ideas.

Now I'm steering towards psychology and its best to avoid it right now, otherwise I'm afraid I would end up writing an essay on this (and I'm sure you wouldn't want to read it).

The black and white movie era also has its charm - their vintage style, pretty actresses, dramatic movies. Although I haven't seen many black and white flicks, but from the few I did, I totally loved Casablanca. Great romance, clever dialogues and great fashion sense.

Chic and elegant - this white blouse and black skirt felt the perfect way to start off the new year. Paired it with my trusty slingbacks and this leopard print bag I recently got from my Hong Kong trip (at a bargain).

Zara Skirt, Nine West Shoes, Leopard Print Clutch

Despite copious amount of planning, I stayed home for the New Year's eve. And after partying for years, it was a surprisingly pleasant change and a wonderful way to start the year 2012.

A simple non-fuss look that wouldn't take more than a few minutes to put together but will still look stylish and elegant was on my mind when I put together this outfit. Nothing beats the white and black combination.
What's your favourite evergreen look?

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  1. elegant!!!

    happy 2012!

  2. following you :)

  3. followed you :) nice blog

    follow our blog at:

  4. Well..this combination is surely evergreen <3

    I love it <3


  5. love the minimal look you've pulled off! That leopard clutch adds just the right amount of zing :D

  6. Hey I happened to visit your blog through Stylepile and I really liked it. Enjoyed reading all your wonderful posts :) Please visit my blog as well It’s a personal style blog. If it interests, please feel free to follow me. I shall be happy to do the same for you.

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    @sunkissed: Yup, this bag is one of my favourite recent buys.

  8. We looooove the clutch here! It is beyond fab!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  9. You're so stylish! Thanks for the awesome posts!

    Please visit my cat & food blog. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)


  10. Love your blog! Check mine we could follow each other! xoxo from Rome

  11. heyiii...this is one nice fashionista i would love to follow :) must tell you,with a body like yours, even a drab night shirt will look amazing :)

  12. @Tanvii - thanks. It was an online order and was very different in real from what it looked online. But liked it nervertheless.

    @LPFashionPhilosophy - thanks, this bag my favourite too.

    @beavercat - thanks for your lovely compliment.

    @Sulagna - Thank you so much for the compliment. But trust me, its just the right styling that I am looking thinner than I actually am. Still need to work hard to get the right body. Getting harder by the day to achieve the target and my sweet tooth doesnt help :(

  13. Hey SJ! I love your blog! Following you! Love the black and white outfit that you're wearing;you look very elegant.I also love animal prints; cool bag.;)

  14. Such an elegant look, the leopard and the heels really compliment the outfit well.

    x Marcella

  15. Such an elegant look, the leopard and the heels really compliment the outfit well.

    x Marcella

  16. cute lookk!! thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm following you with Google Friend Connect I hope you do the same if you liked mine!

  17. love this look, this shirt is really cute:))

  18. I loved your clutch. Your look is very cool. Your blog is great!
    The post is lovely.


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