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Style Destino is my personal style space bout cruelty-free and vegetarian style. Fashion is not above someone's life and it is irresponsible when someone makes a fashion choice that involves taking a poor animal's life. I believe in style that has a conscience. We are in 21st century where technology has advanced immensely, there are myriad options available and any person with a desire can make things happen. So it is sheer selfishness and irresponsible behaviour when people make unethical fashion choices. Through StyleDestino I share everything cruelty-free and ethical in my style. I do not use any handbags, shoes or accessories made from leather (animal skin), the make-up I use is also vegetarian and cruelty free. Luxury and compassion can coexist stylishly and Style Destino is an attempt to prove just that. Vegan fashion is not about dowdy clothes, cheap bags, or tawdry shoes. I can just easily be vegan and trot in my Olsen heels, sporting a Stella McCartney luxurious vegan handbag while showing off my red lips painted with OCC lip tar!! I travel the world around and never find dearth of stylish, high quality vegetarian fashion.


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The Bag Girl's Discovery: Vegan Brand Angela Roi

Angela and Roi Vegan Handbag

Mango Jacket, Banana Republic Peplum Top, Diesel Jeans
Angela & Roi Bag, Dune Shoes, ASOS Belt, Miu Miu Sunglasses

It's always a goof time to make some positive changes in life and point out the ethical issues pertinent to the fashion industry - starting with the one that perturbs me the most - "stereotyping cruelty as luxury", which the fashionistas are stung with paying no heed to the excruciating pain and slaughter a poor life is inflicted to in the name of style and fashion.

Just in case you're in the minuscule minority who doesn't know, I'm not the slave of fashion and certainly don't believe that style is above life of a helpless animal. As a staunch believer of cruelty-free fashion and to prove that vegan and ethical fashion is equally stylish, I am always on the hunt for all things stylish that are rightfully labelled 'vegan' and everything on this blog strictly adheres to the label.


Tale of my recent discovery ....

A great tote is hard to find. And a vegan one? Even harder. But what's life without some challenge, and when the challenge results in beautiful discoveries, the pleasure is palpable.

Did I mention I recently 'discovered' the vegan handbag label Angela & Roi, American but made in Korea (so that's the story of the bag and the duo, who started AR). AR bags come in different styles in the most delicious colours (pinky pink, cheery yellow, envious green, furious red, lovely orange, its a long list) but I picked the classic caramel. It was a tough choice, I was really loving the brights, but my wardrobe was deficit of a handbag from the brown family and I badly needed a neutral one.

I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the bag though. The edges had black material coming off from all the sides, which was a downer. I wrote to the company about it, but no response or solution.

I wore this bag with green and blue colour. Did you check out my pumps? Aren't they beautiful? Plus, I don't think there's anything called match much if its done tastefully.

If you're looking out for some vegan handbags, here are some handpicked styles that I came across. Everything from Stella McCartney to Tokyo Bags to Melie Bianco is here.

Image Courtesy: Sakshi Parikh.

(Updated: March 2017)

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  1. That jacket is fab!
    Following you via GFC, do follow back :)


  2. gold belt looks good and color combination is really nice

  3. The bag's perfect,this is something I would love to get my hands on, and the fact that it's "vegetarian" makes it even more special. The photography is superb, loved the one with the Rick. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  4. OMG every piece from head to toe is amazing, those shoes are amazing. So Etro, Pucci like. Very classy style

  5. Absolutely fabulous styling and photography! That bag is a classic piece most certainly!!
    Have you visited the new website yet?

  6. Thank you so much for dropping by and showing the love.
    I love your color block pairing. And those pumps are amazingly gorgeous.


  7. Everything about this outfit screams perfection!

  8. So effortlessly beautiful! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING!

  9. gorgeous look!
    love the shoes!!!
    have a great week,

  10. Wow, what an amazing alchemy of colours....Luv ur jacket, shoes n the bag, tht i want so baadlllyyyy

  11. Wow, what an amazing alchemy of colours, love the shoes, jacket n the Bag, tht Im wanting so badly now

  12. Smartly colour blocked. I love the look of your pairing. And your shoes are beautiful too.
    It feels good to see someone who stands so strong for something she believes in. (Refer: being a vegetarian and constantly hunting for vegetarian things to wear).

  13. Cool pics! love the combination of the two blues you wore! xx

  14. Lovely outfit! Great photographs as well! :)

  15. Love the look.....the heels are to die pretty


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