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Right Now is the Right Moment

Style Destino Dont wait to be happy

"Happiness is my intrinsic nature". But why do we still wait for something to happen to be happy? I'm here right now, so why wait for anything else?

Stop waiting around for a holiday, for the perfect guy {or girl} to fall in love with you, for landing your dream job, for buying that handbag you've been longing for. Happiness is not dependent on anything, it's inside you. Happiness is you and there's so much beauty around already that you don't need to wait around for anything else to be happy. Right now is the right moment, make the most of it.

Picture Story
- Two NEW-S: new manicure @Fingertips and new necklace I picked from Hill Road street shopping, Mumbai
- Taj Mahal I clicked from last summer visit to Agra. Finally I visited the Taj, everytime I'd converse someone on one of my offshore holidays I'd be embarrassed to confess I haven't yet visited Agra. No more.
- Beautiful Narmada river I clicked from a recent trip to the amazing town of Maheshwar. Awesome ghats and great handlooms.
- Posing in my current favourite summer colour palette (clicked by: Sakshi Parikh)
- Quote: "think of all the beauty around you and be happy" (Anne Frank)


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  1. You are correct. Happiness comes from within. Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings, Catherine

  2. Love this post!
    You should try the #100happydays challenge.
    I've been doing it, and It has changed my entire outlook on life! :)


  3. Nice one....and yes..happiness lies within our minds... :-)

  4. The pictures are so beautiful. Loved the necklace.:)

  5. It's interesting how I am seeing posts around being happy all around me. The universe is sending a signal it seems. Always enjoy your posts.


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