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Nailing It With Vegan & Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Keeping your nails plastered with toxic cancer causing chemicals for a week is not such a good idea. Nail polish is an integral part of every woman's beauty routine; even the most maintenance free girl definitely wears nail polish. It's not only women, but even kids love painting their nails in pretty and bright colors. Despite being one of the most used beauty products, most of us don't pay much heed when picking nail polish from a beauty store and often skimp on them.

Did you know that most nail polishes, including the ones from popular brands like Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen and Chanel, contain toxic ingredients like TPHP and formaldehyde that are hormone disruptors and can even cause cancer. This is especially disturbing because for kids and teens nail polish is the first introduction to cosmetics and they start using it from as early as the age of 6.

To top that, nail polish also contain animal ingredients including shellac, carmine and fish scales to give it that nice red tone or pearlised effect.

Vegan Nail Polish - Best vegan and non toxic nail polish - 5 FREE NAIL COLORS


To rescue you from painting your digits with hormone disrupting nail colors, I recommend some of my favorite nail polishes - not only are they vegan but also safer. Don't worry these don't skimp on quality, color or longevity.

Whenever I buy something I do my research. Among all the nail polishes I've spent my bucks on I absolutely love Kure Bazaar. It is indeed my favorite brand! Not only are they 100% vegan, but they are also the most natural nail polish (85%) with a very chic color range (courtesy its Parisian roots).

I also discovered the 5-free range of Jinsoon nail polishes while ransacking Liberty of London's beauty department. Most of Jinsoon's nail polishes are vegan-friendly (they marked them Vegan too) and come in amazing range of colors. Their metallics are my absolute favorite.

In the picture above, I DIYed the nail art using the deep red color (called Nobel Street) from Nails Inc gel effect range, which contains charcoal and is clearly labelled as suitable for vegans, and paired it with the silver Jinsoon.

What to look at when buying nail polish
  • Make sure it is atleast 5-free, yes 5-free is actually a thing and most good brands now either sell only 5-free or 7-free nail polishes or atleast have a 5-free collection. Nothing below it should do!
  • With the rise of vegan population worldwide, even the nail polish brands have the Vegan label clearly marked on their vegan-friendly products. If it doesn't read vegan, email the brand and ask or don't buy. You can always email me or leave a DM on Instagram and I can help you find a good vegan nail polish.

Where to buy vegan nail polish?

In Dubai Kure Bazaar is available at Comptoir 102 and are easily available in most of Europe and many parts in US. You can also buy them online from Naturisimo, they deliver free worldwide.

Nails Inc is available at Sephora Dubai. Not all of their nail polishes are vegan, but you can check the bottle for vegan options.


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