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Talking Periods: New Whisper Ultra Soft Is A Gamechanger

Truth is when it comes to periods, it gives even me goose bumps. Despite eating healthy and exercising regularly, cramps have become a part of my life. Being a hardcore believer in curing things naturally, I never take any painkillers, which makes my periods a little difficult but I don't resort to chemicals.

Comfort is most important to me, especially because I have to deal with the bad cramps, in addition to normal period woos. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if I say that a good sanitary pad can make life heaven or hell in those days. Being on the sensitive side, my skin is really vulnerable and I've faced everything from rashes to irritation and tried several products - from the eco-friendly alternatives to the regular ones. I've even used the sister concern of Whisper - Always and would get them whenever I would travel to Europe, because the Always version was softer and more gentle.

When Whisper launched Ultra Soft earlier this month, I was so excited to try it and I'm so glad something like this finally came to India.

The Whisper Ultra Soft lives by its name, is really comfortable and if you are in-between meetings or stuck somewhere and can't change your pad for hours, you still don't feel a thing (thanks to it's super absorbent core). I had no more rashes and moist feeling and could get along with my day without any discomfort of worry. Was a breath of fresh air after so long. The extra long and wide design makes it comfortable to be worn during travel without the need to worry about a thing. Baby pink packaging is cherry on top!

Women deserve to get the best sanitary solution to ensure they don't have to compromise or sacrifice on anything - whether it is about chasing their dreams, going for that long planned holiday, juggling between work and home or simply being themselves. This new product definitely makes it possible and gets my vote. At Rs 64 for 7 pads, it's really good.

Here's a look at the Women's Day event held by Whisper India where Radhika Apte tests with a professional the new ultra soft pads from Whisper on how absorbent it is. Needless to say, this one wins all the tests. 

Have you taken the Whisper Ultra Soft #ComfyChallenge yet? 
If not it's time to get your hands on this one and tell me how did you like this?


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