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Sustainable Fashion Ups Its Game - Luxury Vegan Bag & Shoes

Nina Bernice Handbag, Stella McCartney Shoes, Reiss Top & COS Pants, Reflections Organics Makeup

Dressing sustainably yet stylishly is getting easier by the day. Not long back, finding cruelty-free and ethical handbags and shoes was a big challenge. I had to ransack the whole planet to find one good vegan brand, literally! Fortunately, the ethical fashion scene has never been better. Many upcoming brands are taking the ethical route and using innovative and new eco-friendly materials, which is making vegan lifestyle a lot more easier. The great thing is these vegan and sustainable products are just as high on quality or style as their counterparts, in some cases even better.

With every purchase you make - you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want. So when you have the choice to buy products that you love and that are also ethical and cruelty-free, why wouldn't you? 

My latest discovery Nina Bernice handbag made from cork. I came across cork when when I was looking to gift a vegan men's wallet. Of all the vegan leather options, cork is one of the most eco-friendly. It has a great texture, is super durable, biodegradable and comes from the bark of the cork oak tree without any environmental damage, as the tree can be harvested repeatedly as the bark re-grows. 

Nina Bernice is an Australian sustainable brand with a range of vegan-friendly handbags crafted from cork. I've seen many cork handbags and this Natalie Crossbody is one of my favorites. The cork has a nice metallic detailing that makes this crossbody the perfect glam accessory for your day-to-night looks, and the chain strap also shortens to allow the bag to be worn over the shoulder. While the cork used in this bag is not the most softest available, the style and function makes up for it  This bag is elegant, stylish, functional and made out of a sustainable, lightweight material – what’s not to love?

The shoes are classic Stella McCartney Oxford Platform style Elyse. Stella McCartney is the only luxury ethical and vegan brand that uses no leather, fur, feather, down or other animal skin. They are also the only ones using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Their website states, "We diligently work to source and design beautiful, modern and innovative materials that we use to create our signature handbags, accessories and shoes – all of which are PVC free. We use vegetable coatings and materials that truly push boundaries in a sustainable manner without sacrificing style in any way."


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  1. I love your outfit, it looks really cute and nice!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal


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