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Finally A Chic Plastic-Free Eco-Friendly Phone Case That's Biodegradable

No other technology has impacted us as much as mobile phones and while they are one of the best inventions of our lifetime, they are also having a huge impact on the planet.

Apple sold its one billionth phone in July last year and there are over 5 billion mobile phone users in the world and as per digital analysts, the number of total mobile devices in the world has long surpassed the number of people on this planet (a well over 7.2 billion) (Source). Most of us use a phone cover to protect our mobile devices - creating not just the e-waste from the device itself but tonnes of plastic and silicone used for the cover. Imagine the havoc it might end up creating on the planet considering all this ends up in the landfill

While you cannot stop using the mobile phones or change the composition of your devices, you can definitely ditch the cover altogether or atleast get rid of the plastic covers and switch to a more sustainable option.

For all eco-conscious people, this is the post that'll'make your day! There's finally a chic phone case that's 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and super durable. 

When I discovered Canadian brand Pela Case through Instagram and was instantly in love. Their cases came in beautiful hues of light pink, teal, purple, green, white and black with gorgeous grainy textures and the fact that they were also 100% compostable and made from eco-materials were just too hard to resist. Fortunately, the company shipped worldwide {for free} and I finally got a phone case that was chic and eco-friendly.

Pela cases are made from starch-based elastomer and recycled materials. The hero material used in their phone cases is flaxstic, invented by its founder Jemery, and is the term he coined for flax straw waste. Flaxtic has natural shock absorbing properties making it a great material for phone cases. I drop my phone atleast once a day (I'm not proud of it} and I'm glad this case offers amazing protection so my phone would last longer. I think the case is a little bulky compared to it's plastic counterparts, but that's just a minor gripe. It's gorgeous and eco-friendly material, quality construction and awesome colors more than makes up for the bulk.

It feels great knowing that there's finally a phone case that won't end up in a landfill. At $35 inclusive of worldwide shipping many may find it a tad expensive. But considering all the mindless indulgences we do in products we don't really use as much or that aren't half as durable, this case is worth every penny.

Gives Back: In addition to creating a truly eco-friendly product, the company is also involved in the 1% For The Planet movement and donates a portion of its sales to environmental organisations.

Variants: They currently offer phone cases for iPhone 6, 6s, 6+, iPhone 7, 8 (all variants), iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Shop Pela Case on Amazon


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