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Miomojo: The Sustainable Italian Brand That Makes Cool Vegan Bags & Accessories

Miomojo Sustainable backback - Ecofriendly vegan bag -Vegan backpack

Leather's environmental impact is often misplaced. If you thought that leather is better than its synthetic alternatives because it is a “natural” material that will eventually decompose, think again. Every leather item in your wardrobe not only comes with cruelty, but also bears a hefty price-tag for the planet. The livestock industry is responsible for nearly 15% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and contributes significantly to deforestation.

People often forget how toxic the leather tanning process could be for the planet and workers. An animal decomposes when it’s natural. However, for the leather material to last, the animal skin undergoes a lot of chemical treatments, after which it isn’t going to decompose in your wardrobe. These workers who process leather are often victims of deadly diseases, respiratory illness and skin conditions due to the exposure to toxic chemicals. The animal cruelty, usage of chemicals, cutting down of rainforests and fires to clear forests for cattle farming and the use of energy for producing leather altogether makes leather a rather unsustainable material compared to faux leather options.

The good news is, many ethical fashion brands are ditching leather in their collections and switching to sustainable leather alternatives. Miomojo is one such vegan accessories brand from Italy, which creates responsibly made products that not only focuses on design but also sustainability. They have a range of ethically made handbags, backpacks, wallets and belts, which are all crafted from eco-friendly and vegan materials.

Materials: Miomojo uses a mix of materials in their bags ranging from Polyurethane (PU) and microfiber, which provide the luxurious feel of real leather without harming a single animal to nylon partly recycled from fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. PU leather has less than half of the environmental impact than leather derived from animals. In terms of durability, PU is waterproof, can be dry-cleaned, is soft and supple and much lighter than real leather.

Each of their vegan bags feature a lining made from 100 percent recycled bottles, known as R-PET.

Fair wages and transparency: The founder of Miomojo confirmed that all their bags and accessories are produced ethically in China where the workers are paid fair living wages. The company is also transparent about the materials they use for making their bags. They confirm that they use PU, instead of PVC, and are working towards incorporating more sustainable materials in their bags.

Eco-friendly packaging: To demonstrate its committed efforts towards sustainability, Miomojo uses plastic-free eco-friendly packaging. All their bags come in a brown paper bag, made from recycled paper. Even the tape used to secure the bag is made from paper. The tags are made from recycled paper, and the string is made of biodegradable rope instead of plastic that's commonly used for hand tags. All this together serve to reduce waste to contribute to the health and well being of the planet.
Sustainable ecofriendly bags - Vegan bag Miomojo eco friendly cosmetics case

Sustainable backpack - eco-friendly packaging - Vegan backpack in plastic-free packaging
Giving back: They go that extra mile by giving back 10% from their profits to animal welfare causes through their  “you buy, we give” policy. Some of the charities that they donate to include Barn Sanctuary, Mercy for Animals and Animals Asia Foundation.
Sustainable fashion brands - Miomojo Vegan Bags  Vegan Backpack
In addition to bags, Miomojo also makes belts that come in elegant plastic-free packaging. I loved this skinny belt from their collection in gorgeous nude color that's crafted with vegan leather and nickel-free metal hardware. It's really hard to find good quality vegan belts that won't chip and this one looks promising.
Eco-friendly vegan belts - sustainable fashion
Currently, Miomojo is showing its support and making an impact during the pandemic by offering 40 percent of sales proceeds from their online store to hospitals in Italy. This generous act to help the victims of covid-19 demonstrates the brand's commitment to sustainability and shows that fashion can be used for good too!

Oh, did I mention all their bags have received the PETA stamp of approval? You can shop from their online store and get free worldwide delivery, while helping the animals!

P.S.: All the opinions shared in this post are mine. Please note, that while the items in this post were kindly gifted to me, all the opinions, thoughts and review in the article are genuine and unbiased. I never recommend a product or service if I don’t like it, and always stay true and fair to my readers.

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