Fitness is such a big part of my life that I just get paranoid when I don't get time to exercise. Last few months have been really crazy with travelling and long hours at work that I had skipped my workout for weeks. Unfortunately I can feel some of my clothes actually not fitting me right. But that's all changing up as I am starting my workout routine and loving every minute of it. Since I don't get time to go out to gym, other than running sometimes, here are my few favourite workout videos that I have been following since a few years now to keep me in shape. Trust me if you follow these, your are for sure going to get heads turned with your fabulous toned body. FULL WORKOUT When I want to focus on complete body, I love to follow this video. It take care of everything from head to toe and the exercises are so simple to follow. This is my favourite among all. LOWER BODY WORKOUT Butt Workout One So of course my workout routine involves focusing on lower body