Italian luxury fashion house Gucci drops a range of sneakers crafted from its proprietary eco-friendly and vegan material Demetra .  Demetra, named in homage to Greek agricultural goddess Demeter, is composed of "77 percent plant-based raw materials" including bio-based polyurethane from corn and wheat, viscose, and sustainably sourced wood compounds. Produced in Italy, it took Gucci two years of research and development to perfect the Demetra textile and the company has filed for its patents and trademarks. For now, Gucci will be using Demetra to craft their own in-house products, however by 2022 the company plans to open access to Demetra to the fashion industry. The 'Basket', 'Rhyton', and 'New Ace' are Gucci’s first shoes to be partially crafted from Demetra, demonstrating the textile’s leather-like properties. Unfortunately, Gucci has not disclosed a complete list of materials used in these sneakers on their website, so it's hard to say if a