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Not a slave to the skinny

Ever since I've seen this video a few days back, it became my new inspiration. Though I am not a big fan of R&B, but this video is my instant favourite. Hold up, Hold up!!!

Who says you got to be skin thin to be sexy and stylish? Big Sean's Marvin & Chardonnay (Ft. Kanye West) brings back the curves and proves my point. The bright colours against the elements of black topped with those stylish and sexy curvy women just took my breath away.

Although I am one of those persons who likes to follow a disciplined workout routine and watch what I eat, but I am no more obsessed with being skinny and I don't envy those super thin models.

This glam world wants to make us believe that we can't be beautiful, stylish and sexy unless we're like those skinny women featured on pages of glossy magazines (did I forget to mention the words airbrushed and famished?); and the ubiquity of this 'seemingly perfect image' has gotten so deep down in our heads that we keep on promising ourselves to unleash our style and experiment only after we loose those extra kilos, and stay caged in that whim with eventually losing ourselves to dowdy clothes and always being conscious 'Am I looking too fat?'.

Ask yourself, do you have those clothes left to languish in the back of your closet, waiting to be worn until you loose that extra weight (which btw you've been dreaming of losing since ages)?

I am not blown-away by the idea of cutting down on my indulgences and holding myself back to try something until I loose some extra weight. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I have today to experiment all I want and get what I desire.

I don't think the word 'stylish' can be pigeon-holed into a certain typecast. We're all perfect, its just we have distorted the idea of perfection.

I recently read about the extra curvy blogger Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh and she leaves me impressed. Gabi breaks all conventional norms of what the curvy or oversized women should wear and hey, she rocks. I love her style, her confidence and how she puts together her look.

Here's another fabulous blogger with her curves - Alex from

Alex Loves

Gabi says 'I love my body, I love fashion and I encourage all fat girls to do the same. I want to inspire girls to push boundaries as well as show designers and retailers that we are out there and we want more options'. I one hundred percent agree with her. Do you?

Now I don't support unhealthy lifestyle. Nor am I propagating to become lazy and irresponsible. All I am saying is, let's not be a victim of that skinny image that we've been chained to. Love the body you're in and work your way around it.

Would love hear your verdict about the slave to the skinny thought.

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  1. Hey sweetie, thank you so much for your lovely comment and more importantly asking for my opinion. I think we all have different taste,personality and body, hence different style. But one thing we all have in common is love for clothes ;) I love your blog and Its always pleasure to see bloggers from Nepal and India.

  2. Totally agree with you on this....Somewhere down the line we all have to accept the fact that we're normal people, and normal people need to be healthy not skinny to live a full life......

  3. gabi is an all time absolute favorite..bloggers like her are helping in breaking down these imaginary boundaries..


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