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It's not too hard to change....

"Embracing the change, trying new and pushing your boundaries is what makes you successful and keeps your life interesting and fun." - S.J.

The 3 year ago 'me' would have resented even the thought of wearing floral and flowy-feminine silhouettes and here I am clad in exactly that, all smug and happy.

Okay I might be looking like a bit of a brat here, but I personally don't like the ubiquitous 'monogrammed' bags, which more often than not are the preference of the hoity-toity conceited women who carry it with a smug look on their faces. Anything monogrammed just spells to me like - 'look here I am loaded'. Yet I got this one.

Here's the 'why' to put that sentiment and the purchase into perspective...... The hard-core vegetarian that I am, for me the choice of non-leather bags in the luxury segment is very very limited. In fact, in the world of fashion, non-leather and luxury are really oxymorons. So when I was a tad-bit younger, than I am now, I had this really strong desire to acquire a 'designer bag'. To my dismay, after ransacking every designer store, during my travels abroad, I couldn't find anything that was 'not-leather' and could fit 'in my budget'. After thousands of hours of searching (honestly finding a good guy is easier than finding a bag), I found this one bag that fitted my bill and 'monogrammed' or 'not-monogrammed' (as they say love is blind) the quest for the 'it' bag ended with this bag finding its way in my closet. And now that I have it, I carry it with pride (pride of carrying a non-leather bag, duh!!!) and you would never believe just how much stuff this tiny bag can hold in (I could really do a magic trick just by showing how many things can come out from this baby).

These slingbacks are my absolute favourites. Shuffling between two cities and two homes, I almost lost them for a while. But thankkkkk lord, found them back a few weeks ago hiding behind my clothes in a slouch bag, just waiting to be re-discovered.

This picture makes me wonder - is it summer, autumn or winter?

(Cotton On Dress fron HK, Charles & Keith Shoes, Fendi Bag, Rose Gold Ring, Mango belts in brown and black)
Hype this look on Lookbook here

For a long long time, prints (especially florals) and flowy fabrics and I had a sketchy relationship. Solid blacks always dominated my wardrobe; and for dresses while I embraced structured and tailored silhouettes, I strictly steered away from anything flowy (and floral).

But changing up things is fun. I wouldn't want to be stuck-up like one of those men, you often see, who never change and look exactly the same how they were 20 years ago (same hairstyle, same trousers tied exactly at the same place [whoosh they never realised what low waist means, or simply that the high waist is also a tad bit lower], same styled shirts) with the exception of their hair turning grey and face wrinkled.
..................................................... No No No. I'll never let that happen to me.

Embracing the change, trying new and pushing your boundaries is what makes you successful and keeps your life interesting and fun.

This dress was a perfect transition piece, that made my eye pop out when I spotted it during my small shopping trip last week in Hong Kong, without stinking too hard of transition. Frilly and floral, but without being too frilly and floral, if you know what I mean? (you could say no). The fit is just perfect on me, which is rare.

So for meeting up a friend after years, I decided to take the tags off and donned this new acquisition. To keep things interesting, I added a twist to this dress by belting it with not one but two belts (same belts just different colours). The idea was the same - simple and comfortable, but the addition of another belt looked trendy and stylish. I'm very much attracted to the juxtaposition of a simple-regular look with something tricky.

The beautiful brown slingbacks provided the much needed chemistry to the outfit (flowers and trees; and trees are green and brown. Oh sod it, I suck at explaining the chemistr-ies). Paired with an interesting rose gold and diamond ring and the brown bag, I think I was just ready to start a beautiful day.

Speaking of florals, I couldn't resist posting this beautiful picture of orchids I clicked sometime ago while sipping a coffee with a friend. Such beautiful colour.


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  1. Simple and pretty! Cute shoes!

  2. Great pictorials. Excellent narrative.

  3. your ring is fab!!!


  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Nice shoes:)

    xx Laura

  5. You have really pretty hair! :)
    And I really like your dress! So feminine!

  6. Nice blog dear :)
    Follow your blog now!
    Please follow my blog too:

  7. Thanks everyone for your motivating comments!!!

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue - I love these shoes too :)

  8. first of all, thanks for your sweet comments:) and the dress looks very cute on you too:), but i think the color isn't the same, or is it?? But i loove the look :)))

  9. I love the way you write. Very well pt up blog !

  10. Beautiful dress.. Love it. thanks so much for visiting my site =)

  11. Nice Frilly and floral dress it is absolutely stunning pro look.

    online apparel shopping india


  12. you really look fashionable!!
    its fantastic outfit!!


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