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Let's Talk Vegan Lip Colours

Can I just say I am OBSESSED with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC). Let me ask you first, have you been through phases? So a while ago it was the sunglasses phase, before that it was handbags and shoes phase {oh I think this one has almost become a permanent one}, then there was a longish phase of perfumes, if you go down lower on the time ladder, it was the stamp collection phase, pen phase and it can go on......

Right now its the coloured lipstick phase for me, where I have already amassed a sizeable collection of vegetarian lipsticks in all things colour, yet the hunger stays insatiated. Now the problem with all things colour in beauty is finding good vegetarian options, and in India particularly its a bigger problem. A few months ago, I discovered US based vegan beauty brand OCC and fell in love with their lip tars and colours - vibrant, happy, bright, pretty colours with choices that'll make you jump with joy. 

Just when I was wondering how do I buy them in India, I was thrilled to have a friend get me OCC lip tars from US. And oh boy the first time I tried the tar gloss it was a total disaster. Not knowing how to use it, I turned not only my lips but nearly my whole mouth bright red (dracula?). Yes it happened to me (so not me but it did happen). Never mind, now after figuring out that less is more and practising the art of applying the lip tar with precision I absolutely love it. 

A brilliant long lasting red that glides on your lips smoothly without drying it out. One of the best lip-gloss/stick I've come across in the longest time. The best part, its vegan and cruelty free.

What else you need to know?
Apart from the fact that OCC is vegan their straight-forward formula does not even contain any petroleum or silicone and is paraben free.

So there you have it, wonderful vegan colours for lips, eyes and nails, thanks to OCC. Now no excuses for using anything else (other than began) and causing torture to fellow animals who deserve to live just as happy as us and cruelty-free.


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  1. Lovely Shade. . . a G+ for ur Post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  2. I understand the shopping phases, happens with me all the time. The lippies are something new to look for. I will try them too as soon as I can .

  3. Thnx for sharing girl..i appreciate you creating awareness abt cruelty free and vegan beauty products.


  4. These lippies look amazing, I've never heard of these ones before, I will have to go to the website :)) Look great on you. No, I don't like The body Shop much anymore either. I've found maybe one or two things that worked for me & the rest rest was over-perfumed and didn't work at all. And the face products made my skin go crazy, so I won't be buying anything more. I hope you have a great day xx

  5. i have been following there fb page for some months now. they have amazing colors. they deliver in india too???

    1. No they don't yet deliver to India. But I had a friend coming frm US who got it for me.

  6. Beautiful shades!

  7. lovely colors....never ind if they are vegan...vegan is the new hype i feel!!


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