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The Blazer Season: Your Guide To Mumbai Winters

For those of you who are planning to visit Mumbai this winters and even for those who live in Bombay, you need to be prep up yourself for the winters (trust me you'll love this!):

Here's how to survive the harsh Mumbai winter:

  1. You order a hot cup of coffee with friends, and soon after stop by at the street and get yourself fresh coconut water perhaps with the coconut meat!
  2. You only add 2 cubes of ice in your drinks instead of the usual 10.
  3. You wear the socks out for protection, because the floor is a degree colder than in the summer (lol) and more importantly the only protection your feet needs in the winter is from the cracked skin.
  4. You wear the smart winter boots {because the only time it won't silly is in the winters}, get your oversized sweater out {after you see all those Instagram women wearing one, you want to feel the winters too} and throw in a scarf, and in a few seconds switch on the AC to 20 degrees to save yourself from the winter discomfort {pun intended}.
  5. Of course you need a jacket. But don't you need that all year round? Because the Mumbaikars love winters so much that they ensure their air conditioners are always set to the most freezing temperatures, and while its freaking 40 degrees outside, you almost feel you're sitting in a ice bar inside. So never step out without a jacket esp if you're visiting an office or a cinema hall.
Jokes aside, as far as Mumbai weather goes I'd be fair to say it has only summers and rains in the menu; there are absolutely no cold days. I wouldn't deny it does get pleasantly chilli in the early mornings and late evenings and all you need is a scarf, a light jacket and a hot cup of coffee to enjoy the sunny winter day that lies ahead.

Have you been to the Starbucks at Horniman circle? If not it's worth a visit. The beautifully decorated Starbucks cafe in fort is one of the best I've seen in the world.

Vegan Fashion Blogger - Mumbai Fashion Blogger - Top Indian Blogger - Petite Fashion
Vegan Fashion Blogger - Mumbai Fashion Blogger - Top Indian Blogger - Petite Fashion

Vegan Fashion Blogger - Mumbai Fashion Blogger - Top Indian Blogger - Petite Fashion

Vegan Fashion Blogger - Mumbai Fashion Blogger - Top Indian Blogger - Petite Fashion
Zara Blazer and Heels, Banana Republic Jeans, Sourabh Kant Shrivastava Crop Top, Stella McCartney Falabella Bag 

Crop top and jeans are totally acceptable in Mumbai winters and I'm glad I could finally get my blazer out after the super hot weather in both Mumbai and Dubai to wear over the combo. While its December and the weather doesn't get better, the blazer is bearable in the subsiding heat.

Simple blazer and denim combo is such a savior, it always looks stylish and polished without putting much effort. A pair of smart heels and lustworthy bag and you have a fail-proof style.

So here I am ready to take off Mumbai winters in my petite Banana Republic denim pants and these pretty but not so comfortable Zara heels {I never find Zara heels comfortable} and of course the Stella Falabella Mini bag!

Photography by Kapil Khilnani


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