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Here's why I ditched plastic straws and you should too: Time To Stop Sucking!

We're a matcha made in heaven. When I want a quick boost of energy and stay wide awake, I have my matcha latte (prefer it iced) and never with plastic straws (you can find my perfect matcha latte recipe here).

Did you notice the bamboo straw in the picture above? I'm so glad I could finally get my hands on the reusable bamboo straws. My pledge at Faeth Sustainable & Positive Change event in March was to ditch plastic straws and I am 80% there.

Why no straws? I've seen heartbreaking videos of rescuers taking out plastic straws from the nose of sea turtles and read about being stuck inside penguins and others animals, killing them. Plus, the straws can't be recycled so they end up in landfill breaking down and releasing toxins. Too put things into perspective, let me share some statistics and facts {I am after all a former economics and finance student and wealth manager - I understand it better with numbers}.

Plastic takes over 200 years to decompose - but the problem does not stop there. That's because plastic cannot biodegrade so it just turns into micro-plastics and remains in the environment for thousands of years entering our oceans and soil - and ultimately in our bodies. Plastic is already having a devastating effect on the oceans - killing marine life and animals.

If you come to think of it, most of the times they're unnecessary. Like who needs a straw for a drink - can't we just sip it directly from the glass? And if you must, either carry a reusable straw (bamboo or steel), or paper straws (less ecological but better than plastic).

Next time you reach out for a straw or are being served one at a cafe, remember - THE MOMENT YOU GET YOUR HANDS ON IT ITS ALREADY ON ITS WAY TO BECOMING WASTE – usually completely unnecessarily!

I got this bamboo straw from a sustainable brand Cling Nature in Dubai. However, if you are not in Dubai, you can find reusable straws online and carry them with you, for when needed.

By the way, did you hear about Starbucks ditching plastic straws and giving paper/ biodegradable straws a test run in 54 of its coffee shops in the UK? When Starbucks can try, so should we. So let's say no to plastic straws!


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