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Spain and Rome 2.0


1. & 2. Colosseum, Rome; 
3. Sheer joy of finding Maje store out of nowhere in Seville
4. Food for thought
5. View from my hotel room in Rome
6. On the wall of Portrait Suites by Ferragamo
7. That's me walking down the streets of Rome - Sandro Dress, Zara Jacket, Love Moschino Bag, Bershka Boots

2013 is now twenty six days old and I'm finally back. Wish you all a wonderful 2013!!!! Thank you for making 2012 a memorable year. Through this blog and your encouragement I could reinvent myself after being in a comfortable zone for too long. The blog has helped me take fashion risks, which I tremendously enjoy taking and get the creativity side out of me.

Lots of travel and loads of shopping (alas.... not in Europe). One of those phases when time zooms right in front of you like 1000BHP Bugatti and you don't even realise what just happened.

Fuzzy headed from the life changing chaos last few weeks (months?), grappling to find the right moment and right words I somehow slither back on my desk, slump onto the blog and here I am (still fuzzy headed and now babbling).

For now ending with the quote I read outside a museum in Rome (fodder for thought) -

"If you want your body to be strong, you must accustom your body to be the servant of your mind, and train it with toil and sweat"
- Xenophon, Memorabilia

PS - Yes, I am soon going to post more from the tales of Spanish and Italian lands.

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  1. Lucky girl!!!! Amazing photos!!!;))

  2. Beautiful pictures! Also love your dress

    xo Sootjeelina

  3. Wish we could see the full pic of yours...Happy new year to you too. Can't wait to see more pics

  4. Amazing photos! I absolutely love your handbag. xo


  5. Amazing photos I hope to go to Spain and Italy one day.

    1. Oh you surely must girl. Both are awesome. You cannot not go to Rome, it is an amazing city,

  6. Can't wait to see more pics :)

  7. u came to Spain?? u should have told me!
    did u like it?

    1. Hey!! How have you been? And Happy New Year

      It was very impromptu and was crazy busy before the trip. Spain is awesome, it was my second time and fell in love with it all over again. Next time will surely catch up :)

  8. S J,

    Lucky you are to have been to so many places. A very apt quote. Wish you a very Safe and Happy 2013.

    Take care

  9. Lucky you! Cant wait to see more pics and your shopping :)

  10. That is so pretty SJ! You are indeed extremely fortunate to have been to Spain and Rome. I love those two <3

    Can't wait for more stories :D



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