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Vegan Food + Vegan Fashion: Apple & Pear Smoothie

Apple and Pear Vegan Smoothie tastes delicious and is perfect to start off the day

It's not often you'll find me doing food posts, and especially the DIY recipes {I have little aversion towards cooking, months and sometimes years pass by when I actually cook something other than water}. But every now and then I try to share my vegan and vegetarian experiments that my very dear cook helps me put together. One of my recent experiments was Apple and Pear Green Vegan Smoothie, that turned out surprisingly delicious.

Apple Pear Green Smoothie - sounds so chic and healthy!! The colour was so tastefully green, not one of those green smoothies that scare you off. While this smoothie is perfect for the summer, served chilled, it also makes a great energy booster in the winter; when you want to start your day with a coffee but you'd rather have something that starts off the day delectably and keeps you refreshed all day to fight off that winter chill (and now I am almost sounding like a TV commercial -- STOP THAT!).

When I saw this smoothie it immediately reminded me of my fluorescent green dress. Not so green, not so yellow...

Neon green with explosion of florals in grey, this dress was an online shopping risque, but I was completely sold at the colour and the cut out back and sunk in {thankfully}. 

Apple and Pear Green Smoothie {Vegan Smoothie}

  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1/2 banana (creamy base)
  • 10 leaves of spinach
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • Chia seeds for topping 

Throw in all ingredients in a blender (barring the chia seeds) and blend until its smooth. Serve it after topping it off with chia seeds. If you like, you can squeeze in some lemon for a tangy flavour.

(Serves 2)

You should definitely try it!!

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  1. Unique concept. Vegan recipe and Vegan fashion. By Vegan fashion, do you mean
    that there is no aminal product used in any of the outfit and accessories?

    1. Hello Menaka!! Yes vegan fashion means there is no leather, wool or any other product used in my ensemble. I had some silk pieces from few years back, but I dont buy it anymore. Even my makeup is mostly vegan, a few vegetarian pieces that I am switching to vegan. But no products I use has carmine. Are you vegan?

    2. Yes, I am almost Vegan. Except in some delicate situations outside home.


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