From news channels and newspapers to the internet - everyone is talking about the ongoing COP27 summit hosted in Egypt between 6 th November to18 th November. It is considered a really important event to bring climate change under control. We are all aware of the climate change problem. Some of us are already facing the brunt of it - floods, rising temperatures, wildfires. Its, therefore, important for us to be a part of the conversation. But with so many technical lingo, and endless acronyms  being used in the conversation, we're often lost and have little sense of what's going on at COP27. Many of you may probably have no idea about what even COP27 means. Don't worry, here's your guide to everything you need to know about COP27, including the commonly used climate terms that'll help you follow the conversation and developments during and after this climate conference. Let's get to it... In this article: ·      What is COP27? ·      COP27: Agend