Every woman should get a pair of organic cotton pads (with wings!) so they are not ingesting toxins in their bodies when their hormones are giving them enough grief as it is. Its 2020, and we are still uncomfortable talking about periods. The good thing is that while periods are still a taboo for many, we also have ongoing open and frank discussions on menstrual cycles making periods a little less agonizing.  An average woman uses over 10,000 pads in her lifetime. Like most women, until a few years back I was also happy with my regular feminine hygiene brand - well-advertised on TV and easily available at any supermarket or pharmacy. In fact, I even collaborated with the brand when they launched a new product which was softer, thinner and smelled nice. As part of the collaboration, when I posted about it on my Instagram, someone pointed it out that regular pads are damaging our health and that of the planet. When I looked more into it, I realised how bad for the environ