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Life N One Dubai - Vegan-Friendly Cafe is Exquisite Despite it's Flaws

Rebranded as Seva Experience, this villa style plant-based cafe nestled in a garden is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. A wellness center and yoga studio that doubles up as a vegan-friendly cafe and concept store is brainchild of Eda, the Turkish owner of the place. 

The moment you enter the place, you are transported to a zen-like atmosphere where you unplug with all the stress and worries and connect with your soul. The decor and positive quotes on the trees and walls definitely help. The place calls itself an urban retreat that connects body and soul - and I couldn't have put it in better words. 

Being a wellness center, the food at this cafe is naturally inclined towards the healthy side; think raw, vegan and gluten-free. However, it has a few options for those who like to indulge too {yes, that chocolate ice-cream sandwich in the picture is an absolute delight}! Everything on the menu is dairy-free and gluten free. What confused me was that while they calls themselves a 'Vegan Cafe', they still serve waffles that contain eggs (now discontinued). It is things like these that always puts me-off. False advertising and misusing the term 'vegan'. You want to be called "vegan" to get attention, yet you can't ditch animal products from the menu. It not only confuses the customer, but may cause a vegan to mistakenly eat eggs, believing that the place is free from animal products. If you are serving eggs and honey, why not call yourself vegetarian and mark the vegan items in the menu? Why mislead the client?

Having said, the place is otherwise a great spot to meet someone for a hearty conversation, spend some time on your own or share a nutritious yet delicious meal with your family. In good weather, I'd sit in the lawn sipping a smoothie sitting down on the grass while for summers their covered air-conditioned space is perfect to beat the heat. The greenery and chirping birds is really therapeutic.

Inside the villa is a wellness center and a small store that stocks ethical clothing, jewelry, clean beauty and even vegan foods and snacks. Upstairs they have their yoga and pilates rooms, a silent area that you walk up after taking off your shoes. The top floor is a seating area where you can do a small get together or just unwind with a cup of coffee.

Let's good to the most important part - THE FOOD!

My favorite on the menu is their ice-cream sandwich dessert - vegan indulgence that is a rare pleasure in Dubai {Dubai has only 2 vegan restaurants and both are raw). For someone on a Jain diet, the options are limited but you'd not leave without a full stomach.

The gluten-free avocado toast is delicious and the bread is just amazing. Even my guy, who is not fond of healthy meals, loved the avo-toast. The zoodles were too spicy for my taste and lacked flavor. However, my friend Francisca loved it.

The menu has plenty of options, however some are too good while others a downer, so you should know what to pick. 

While the cafe is a lovely place, I find this cafe tad bit expensive. You pay about 48Aed for a glass of smoothie, while another of my favorite organic cafe Comptoir 102 takes 32 which is in the same area (and I find that place much classier).

Service is warm and friendly while it could be more efficient. But I'm not complaining, as sitting and waiting in this beautiful cafe is actually a delight. There are very few places in Dubai where you are surrounded by lush green garden, nature-inspired decor and chirping birds. Tranquil and perfect to unwind! The place shuts down early at 7pm, which means you can have a healthy early dinner to get to bed on time - ensuring you are ready for yoga the next morning.

What I loved? They don't allow smoking inside the cafe, even in the open areas.

Health, wellness and nutrition - all combined in one place. But it is too expensive - considering it is not a luxury cafe. 

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street, 
Villa 5/1B Jumeirah 1, Dubai
Phone: 04 343 6676
Timings: 8am-7pm


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  1. I love this thing here that you have shared so much lovely things about the enjoy in Dubai. It is my dream city and wanna enjoy my travel time in this beautiful city of UAE. after ending my package tour to niagara falls


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